During cold weather I go to work at 6 am so its cold haha anyway when I start car it seems to jump and make a funny noise and won't rev sort of, then it is ok lately it starts no bother but when I poark on a slope and start it I have no pwoer and it won't rev over 2500 or so then just rights itself and drives no bother I am getting a whistling from turbo fitter at work says sounds like a split pipe , I have a pipe to put on but don't know if it could be this I also have a bit smoke only when started in cold on mornings no lights on dash either , also fuel seems to be used a lot say 70 to 80 mile on 10 quid I am on 14 mile. Left in tank coukd this have anything to do with why it is not reving when parked on a slope hope u understand this cheers