First post guys and girls so be gentle,

I have a Vectra SRI CDTI 120, lovely car and been well pleased but now have slight problem.

A few weeks ago I started having power loss below 2000rpm and the car/spanner light came on. Had a read on here and took it into my local small(village) garage. He checked Fuel filter as book says which was fine. He then checked EGR valve which needed a ****** good clean by all accounts. After putting it back together and clearing light car ran lovely.

All was well, but now either the Spanner light comes on or the engine emission light comes on. Never do they come on at the same time? Thing is the car is still running great, as good as ever, but I am noticing my MPG is dropping. Took her back to local garage but his reader just says "dealer Code" needed!!!!!!

Now I don't want to take it to the stealers as I have read they charge a fortune to just put it on a computer. So my questions good people are,

What Code reader do you recommend that can read the fault code? Would rather pay and have my own, plus from looking at all the topics looks like a might need it Will the U581 or Rac one in Argos do the job?

Do you have any idea what might be the problem? Maybe it needs a new Valve?

Thanks for reading, hope you can help,