Hey ho. Been a while since I was on here proper but I've been hellish busy. In fact I've done 6k in the veccy already!

My long term mpg average over this period has settled on 50.4 mpg. Well chuffed with that, especially as I haven't been driving miss daisy everywhere.

Anyway, I've known that my swirl valves have been goosed since not long after I got the car. Frankly, I'm really interested in what she drives like with them replaced as she's not shy now. However, I've been watching fleabay for a while now, waiting for a revised manifold (55210201) to come up and one did last night.

It was £125 plus delivery so £147 delivered.

Phoned up Vx Elgin to price up an actuator...£150! No trade club on it either. So trawled fleabay again and found vauxcentre had sold one recently for £125 but had none listed. Phoned them up and they sold me one over the phone for £80 delivered! Result!

Manifold gasket from Vx is £10+vat so now all I need to complete the shopping list is the revised/restricted egr gasket. Apparently FIAT do it but I don't have a part number for that. Hopefully find it on here.

Can't wait to get this job done now.

Then roll on the remap at Courtney...