Having a problem with the vec on start up.

It is only when left over night or for a couple of days. When i first start the car it is fine but after a couple of seconds the car will start to miss quite badly, the car is jerking like mad and the eml light flashes like mad. When i try and rev it there is no power, cant even hear the turbo spool up, i did try and drive it before but wont drive out of first gear as there is just no power.

Ive now found out if i let it tick over like this for approx a minute then switch the car off then restart it the car will run fine again and no further problems will arise for the rest of the day.

Could this be something simple like damp plugs or maybe the coil pack on its way out? Going to get it booked in next week at vx as the car is still under network q warrenty.

Anyone with any ideas as i dont want vx to start trying to blame me or ripping me off. Car is the VXR 2.8 turbo.