I own a 2005 1.9 150HP Vectra C with 164.000km.
I bought it with 132.000km 7 months ago.

I already replaced the clutch and DMF (ouch!). I knew the DMF and clutch were due when I bought the car, but a got a very good deal. Even with the cost of the repairs it was still cheaper than other Vecís on the market.

The car has to last at least another 4 years and/or 200.000k.
In the future I want to upgrade the suspension (Billstein B6 + Eibach springs) and disable the EGR (tune by EDS), suspension is slightly more expensive to do.

What should I do first?

I am not aiming for performance increase, but I want to improve reliability and comfort. I will be asking EDS to limit the extra power to 20 or 25hp instead of 50.
The EGR would be the best choice when I look at improving long term reliability (EGR and Swirlvalve damage), the suspension will greatly improve drivability and comfort.

What do you guys think would be the best thing to do first?