I've taken my Soundstream amp and bass tube out of my Focus when i part ex'd it for the Veccy.

I also took out my MP3 headunit, a JVC KDSH707. Its silver fronted which matched the Focus dash perfectly but would stick out like a sore thumb in the Veccy.

I am going to flog the headunit on the bay of E, and use some of the money to connect the sub/amp to the standard headunit (i *think* its a CD30 or suchlike)

Not worried about not being able to play MP3 any more as i thought the sound quality was below the benchmark set by CD's

Anyway, i am thinking of a low pass filter in order to get the RCA outs for the amp, and have been told to solder it in line of the rear speakers although i am concerned that there will be a loss of speaker voltage to the rears by doing this.

I have seen this connector from Autoleads and wondered if my standard headunit is going to take the plug into the back of it.

Autoleads Mini Iso

The headunit looks like it will be a ****** to take out without alot of care so as you guys have seen the back of your headunits, i thought i would ask the question.