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Thread: Ohhh damn!

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    Angry Ohhh damn!

    So Monday I went on a 3 hour drive to go get my leather seats for my car. As I was about to move off at a junction Engine Managment light comes on and the car stalls. (This is a Automatic). Manage to get it moving after 10 minutes and find a local garage.
    The mechanic hooks up his code reader, and you guessed it fuel rail pressure (P1191) The thing is though, the Engine Managment light only comes on when the coolant temperature reaches 97 or above, which ironically is when the fan kicks in!
    As the engine was being reved and the light was on, the fuel pressure was 5126, but the reader stated the pump should be 4999, and it indicated that it was Running Rich. Would this have anything to do with the temperater sensor? As mine states the temp is -20, so it might be trying to mix the fuel and air ratio at that temp?
    The Siemens ECU would also squeel? or sounds like a wash manchine gone wrong.
    So ive booked it into the dealers today, but has anyone solved this problem? As I dont want to keep going through this. Should they replace the fuel rail and the ECU?

    One thing though, when they engine managment light came on, my Recirculate switch started to work again, strange that!

    Cheers from a highly cheesed off person!

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    Unless you've done over 60k don't worry. you'll get a new fuel regulator (and everything will be fine for a fortnight) then the error will come back, and then you'll get a new regulator AND a new fuel pump. then it should all be ok....

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