Hi all,

A few questions about the availability of vehicle options...

  1. Are Vectra Cs available with the radio antenna built into the rear windscreen like on Vectra Bs?
  2. Is it possible to fit self levelling to non-xenon headlamps?
  3. Has anyone here retro-fitted heated windscreen washer nozzles?
  4. Is a rear heated washer nozzle available?

I'm wondering what things I can play with reasonably easily... I went through the car the other day looking for unused wiring harnesses. So far I've found:
  1. Plugs in the rear next to the rear 12V outlet - for rear seat heater switches I presume
  2. Two empty switch sockets around the radio - one for alarm system and one for disabling front parking sensors?

Does anyone know what else I might find... and something cool I can plug into it?