Need to get a service done on one of our work cars so been ringing around for quotes today. Decided against main dealer as its just over 3 year old now, so the plan was that I would bring the car home one day, pop it into one of my local garages to get the work done and then take it back a day or two later.

Anyway, my usual mechanic is fully booked up for a few weeks so I rang another garage i've used in the past for servicing etc and which has a very good reputation. Thing is, this garage is 15 miles away at the best of times so not exactly close.

Rang for a quote on a service only to be greeted with "Sorry we don't do quotes on the phone anymore you need to bring it in" in a really a*sey tone.

Sorry pal i'm not driving 30 miles to pick a car up, to bring it to you to quote us to take it back

Anybody encountered this before? I would guess he's turned away a fair bit of custom doing this...

/End Rant