My car has a faulty No 4 Cylinder as stated by vauxhall garage after been on computer test. They Cleaned EGR and tryed that and still no luck. They didnt have a compression tester so i decided to get it out the garage as it would be very expensive to get repaired by them anyway i would think. I took it to a mechanic my friend knows who might of been able to do a guvy job. He had a listen to the engine and disconnected injector one by one and said it might be the gasket. The car also sounds rough as hell and is in get home mode and is using alot of oil said the dealers and smokes alot. He said he will ask a vauxhall tech he knows. Iam not sure to try a independent garage or what. I cant belive the car is broke like this been a 55 plate :-( Iam located near middlesbrough if anyone knows a decent garage or bloke. How much we talking worst case situation and what would be the best way to get rid of it :-( Iam that gutted i feel like putting it on ebay :-D Thanks in advance for any advice