Hi everyone. I need some advice about my 2004 Vectra 2.2 SXi. The other day I was driving it and it seem to misfire but carried on going. Further down the road the Engine/Transmission Electronics light came on. I pulled over, read the manual and it said switch the engine off then on again to see if the light goes out and it did. The next day I was driving and the same thing happened. I got a friend to do a diagnostic on it and it come up with the code P0400: EGR Malfunction. He clear the computer on the car and said carry on driving until it happens again and we'll do another diagnostic. It did it again and the light came on the all of the sudden the car just almost died and there was no power in it. I assume it went into Engine Safe Mode and the Engine/Exhaust Emission Light came on. I stopped, turned engine off then started and carried on as normal. I then booked it in with Vx. They did a diagnostic and said there were 2 faults. The ECU and the fuel pump. They done the ECU for £113 but wanted another £580 to do the fuel pump. I asked for a copy of the test results and on the invoice it said....Tech tested trouble codes; P0400 EGR valve malfunction. P0303 misfire detected. P1191 fuel pressure malfunction. P0650 Mil Circuit low. Clear codes. Roadtest snaps Check data list/PRD. SPS ECU for code P0400. Then underneath that it said.....Requires Pump and Reg for trouble code P1191. I paid for the ECU and picked the car up and took it for a drive for 30mins and never had a problem. If they said that they had to sort out a fault with the ECU then could it have been that, that was giving my car problems? Also can anyone explain the codes in a bit more detail to me as I don't know a lot about cars? Thank you