I have for sale an indoor Freeview Set-Top Aerial.
This is the aplified one's so it provides a boosted signal for better reception.

It has a gain of 0 - 38dB. To be honest, I havent the foggiest what this means!

This aerial is about one year old as I bought it with my Freeview TV, but the problem is I live in a very poor reception area and I am constantly fiddling with this to get a signal. I have tried this on a TV located in another area and it is PERFECT. Due to the above reason, I have decided to upgarde to Sky so this is surplus to requirements.

Grey in colour.
Has got 2 extending aerial pin's.
One circular signal aerial thing.~
Adjustable signal strength with a round turning knob like thing on it (see image-lousy description).
Comes with the mains power cable and the built-in aerial lead to plug into TV.
Quite simply, plug and play.
SLX Branded by Philex Electronic Ltd.

Very good condition.