Hi all,
Today after a wash and polish of my veccy, i decided to open the bonnet to check fluid levels. I pulled the bonnet lever and got a (click) but the bonnet never opened

I tried the two man approach and took the cable off the lever and tried using grips but all to no avail

I immediatly got on the laptop and started reading threads regarding this problem on vectra-c.com. I thought about smashing up my grille but i dont have the heart to since its an irmmy one. so i'm gonna have to take of the front bumper.

Now. Two questions.

Firstly. The three retaining clips/fasteners underneath the bumper will not budge. I've ended up wreacking one of them. Should i just force them out and replace them with new ones?

Secondly. Once i have taken the screws out of the sides of the bumper and the clips of the bottom, how do i get to the remaining ones on the top of the bumper.

Your help with this problem is greatly apprieciated