Hi all, I currently drive a 1999 Astra 1.8 auto. However it's a bit small so I'm looking to upgrade to a Vectra Estate diesel. This is where I could use some advice! My requirements (in order of preference) are:

- Reliability
- Economy
- Spec
- Performance

As you can see, performance is not top of my list (i'm used to a 1.8 petrol auto!). I've been looking at the 150 and 120 CDTI engines, and I'm leaning towards the 120. It looks to be more reliable? and the performance should be good enough for me.

So the question is, how reliable is the cdti 120bhp engine and the Vectra in general? What kind of mpg and i likely to get (80% motoring and currently averaging 40mpg in my Astra - so i have a gentle right foot!)?

I've got around £5000 - £5500 to spend, so what should I be able to get? Is there anything that I should look out for on these cars?

Sorry for all the questions! Any advice much appreciated.