Hey guys i got my 1.9CDTi SRI vectra c remaped a while back but it was peaking alot on the dyno and the guy said that the Air flow meter is most likely done...i contacted my uncle who is an auto-electrician and he said that air flow meters can be faulty withou showing up any fault codes etc as he had a car not even taking over with no fault codes at one stage changed the air flow meter and away it went perfect....so i dedcided to replace the air flow meter and re-dyno it to check it over....got al that done and it was stil doing the same on the rollers as if the car weas pulling back at top end....the tunner couldnt explain it and showed me other SRI 150's he had done previous using basicall ythe same map and where mine was only reading 186bhp d worst he had b4 was 192bhp up til the best which was 202bhp...he then took the car for a drive to see if he could feel the flat spots while driving that the map was showing but he said it drives lyk a dream and is really quick compared to the reading and couldnt give me an explanation on why the car was 'peaking'....any1 got any ideas on what this could be a si would lyk to try get the true power from the re-map...cheers