Returned home from Scotland yesterday had a lovely time and the Vectra did us extremely well.

1300 miles in just over a week and we used a 1/4 of a tank less than 150quids worth of fuel so was not too bad at all (1.8 VVT) - the luggage space soon seemed to fill up with all our crap though!! (Only 2 of us!)

Anyway it wasn't ALL fault free, we were staying North of Aberdeen along the coast (Banff area for anybody local) and on Thursday we travelled to Inverness (via Elgin) through the torrential rain, fortunately we got back to our cabin before roads got closed and it seriously flooded however on the way back we picked up a rather nasty sounding noise from the N/S/F brake which was also present in general driving (but more prominent when braking) - I had a quick look but it was getting dark and I thought why should I bother messing about when i'm on my holiday (despite the fact I had a full tool kit with me ) so I rang the Green Flag out on Friday, turned out to be a bit of wood wedged between the disc and one of the pads - nevermind, easily sorted! We then had a trouble free weekend in Edinburgh

What also amazed me was the amount of Vectras (well, Vauxhalls in general) in the area and most of the Vecs had private plates too! So mine was hardly unique

Thoroughly enjoyed it though and some fantastic roads in the area! Just a few pics from whilst we were away:

The cabin we stayed at (this was the driveway up, all the grassed area to the right was part of the cabin too, we had lovely weather at the beginning of the week and it was a bit of a suntrap)

And the pilot (although it looks like a posing shot I was actually caught off guard by the missus who just shouted me and flashed the camera...honest )