I know this isnt a corsa forum but i want to pick your brains guys

Right guys just got this corsa as stated on my other thread, Just removed the rocker cover to find the chain guide bolts hadnt even been locked down!!!! and the rocker cover has about 1" thick of oil and water mix

The problem i now have is the the front cam has moved out of timing as it slipped when turning the engine by hand to inspect the chain.

Im going to rip the head off as the head gasket is suspect, but as the cam is now out of position how do i go about putting it back to the right place?

I have got a haynes manual coming for a bit more or a insight. But thought i would ask you guys first.

I suspect the engine maybe a no go, but would at least like to give it a go at getting it running properly

The head will be off. How easy are they to set back up.

I hate cowboy mechanics at least i never payed for some of this work to be done and im glad the car has only cost £200.