Can anyone you with my query?
On the side of the plemum chamber (gearbox end) there are two alimimium (with a round black plastic type clip black) units linked by vacuum pipes i believe they control the vaccuum / petrol / airflow do you know what these are called? I believe there may be a problem with the one that covers 1,3,5 bank. intermitantly sucking in more air, or thats what it sounds like when using lpg.
On petrol it appears to be fine.

I have a 04 3.2 gsi auto with an lpg Zavoli conversion Zavoli. fitted in 06 by the previous owner.
Runs lumpy on tickover once lpg kicks in.
i've changed both lpg modules, new bosch coilpacks fitted 2 weeks ago.
Also tested with new LPG ECU,iridiums fitted last year.

I would like to finally be able to use lpg normally.