If its going to be wet (AGAIN!) down in Pembrokeshire and you're on holiday, then you might fancy visiting this museum. Here's a few photos I took there back in June when I had a rainy day away from completing the 186 miles Pembrokeshire Coast Path. They're not great photos as there's not a lot of natural light in the museum, and it was a rubbishy day. The museum's on the A487 about 4 miles west of Haverfordwest just before you get to Simpson Cross. When I was there it was only £3.50 for adults and £1.30 for kids. Sadly, I couldn't find a single Vauxhall in the collection, but the reason I took a photo of the old Ford Anglia is that it is identical to the first car I remember my dad having back in the late 1950's. So if you fancy a bit of motoring nostalgia, worth a visit maybe.