Just been down to our local Marshalls to have a better nose around the Insignia. Overall i still love them but the paint finish is one of the worst ive seen in ages. I thought BMW's efforts of late were bad, but Vauxhall, im afraid to say you have taken the biscuit, dunked it in the tea and let it slop back in the cup. The orange peel was horrendous on the dark metallics and had very little gloss. Ok, the cars i looked at were pre-registered 09 models with a couple of hundred miles on them, but i feel thats no excuse. The lighter metallics seemed a little better but not by a great margin. The shape of the car is gorgeous and being so curvaceous it needs a good paint finish but i was very dissapointed.
If i have offended any Insignia owners here then im truly but its just a personal opinion. Im quite handy with a spray gun and i have honestly had better results even from a tin!!!