Hi there i have a 55 plate vectra 2.2i direct sri im going to change my cd player to a single din pioneer i dont know what harness i require to rewire it?

VectraDJan-05>TWO DIGIT - UPPER, Thumb ControlFP-19-02PC2-85-4Jan-05>TWO DIGIT - LOWER, Fingertip ControlFP-19-02PC2-85-4Jan-05>THREE DIGIT STEREO MODELFP-19-02NOT REQUIREDJan-05>FOUR DIGIT STEREO MODELFP-19-02NOT REQUIREDCSep-02Mar-05LARGER DISPLAYFP-19-00DFP-19-09PC2-04-4BOct-95Sep-02THREE DIGIT STEREO MODELNOT REQUIREDPC2-04-4AOct-95Sep-02With Taffic MasterNOT REQUIREDPC9-350

This is the qutoleads list but how do i know if its a three digit four or two digit upper or lower what exactly do the mean by this?