I need a favor chaps. I'm looking for a nice Veccy/Siggy to import from Germany. I could ring the dealerships, but all I would get in response is a simple "the car is great sir". Don't want to spend a fortune just to hear that.
So, do you chaps know anybody in Germany who could look at a car for me to check if it's mechanically sound? I really don't want to buy a cat in a sack, if you know what I mean

These are the Vec's and a Signum I'm interested into. Ordered from north to south.

45699 Herten - 12months warranty


54608 Bleialf - No warranty, but is the most appealing


90451 Nürnberg - No warranty, but the most reliable engine of the bunch I want


90429 Nürnberg - Warranty negotiable aparently


90427 Nürnberg - No warranty, but the Vec B Sri is my weak spot


All these cars are 700 or more kilometres from where I live. The first Vec on the list is over 1100kms away.