please can anyone help and any mechanics on here

this is on a 1.9cdti 150

ive gave up in relying on the vxl dealer as they keep telling me the wrong
info,i have this kinda induction noise coming from the engine bay area,to
me it sounds like the turbo but vxl dealers say it isn and its the egr
valve,well ive forked out for 1 and fitted it but the noise is still there.

when i accelerate the noise is present to a certain speed then goes till its
time to change gear,then if im doing a steady speed then come off the
power the noise happens and it sounds as if the turbo is spinning on its own
accord,i really need to getthis sorted cuz its driving me mad and me head is
just below boiling point and im kicking myself to find this damn noise

i would be most gratefull if anyone can shed some light on this problem ive
got as ive just give up with the vxl dealers and they dont seem to want to
give any info out.