Hi Guys,

Need some help.

Just picked up my 2007 2.8 Vectra Elite Automatic, and i have a problem that's getting the better of me.

When winding off steering lock on tight corners, i can feel the steering wheel stick, loosen, stick, loosen as though you can feel the cogs in the rack. Also, When at a constant 55ish, the wheel wobbles, not the sort of out of balance wheel wobble, but a kind of assisted, not assisted, assisted, not assisted kind of way. As road speed increases, the whole front end becomes very twitching and wobbly.
So, i did the first thing and checked the power steering fluid level, not a drop in there. So, i have a question, does anyone know what the power steering fluid specs are, i've looked in the manuals and books but can't see it anywhere. I figure i'll try topping it up first before condemming anything.

And onother, how on earth do you check the auto gearbox fluid level, i was expecting some kind of dipstick to be tucked away but i can't find any.

Sorry for the ramble, hope you can help