Ok, before you all give me an ear bashing, i admit i arsed up. Just repaired the common injector seal problem, and rebuilt the engine. Upon rebuild, i noticed the bolt holding the sprocket onto the cam wasnt tight, and the cam moved around

I had previously set the car to TDC, so aligned the cam as best i could, with the timing hole at the top in the vacumn pump side. The sprocket didnt move, so i belive i am only 3 degrees out MAX on the cam sprocket - cam jont.

After trying to start, i flattened the battery, but i never heard any valve knock. When i crack the injector pipe, no fuel comes out. When i unplug the return pipe, i can hear air rushing, and a gurgling sound.

I am under the impression from the handbook that these are self bleeding, but why wont mine start? How long do they take to bleed? and how crucial is the cam timing on the sprocket?

Thanks all!