Hi guys

I have aproblem with my 2.0dti vectra c. The dreaded fault warning light (car and spanner) started appearing intermitently. I only noticed it when the car was up to full temp when it would come on for seconds at a time especially with throttle use.

I had the codes read and got p1483-4. I believe this refers to a cooling system fault, possibly over current fault. I suspect that after the car heats up and the thermostat opens etc, that the electric fans try to switch on albeit at low speed. It is then that the system sees an over current fault and throws the spanner. The car drives fine with no drop in power and the temp varies from 80 to 85 approx on the guage.

Over the last few days the light has decided to stay on all the time. I now hear a rapid clicking that sounds that it's coming from behind the clock display (I don't think it is). The clicking last for about 3 - 5 seconds and I believe it sounds like a relay switching on and off quickly.

Now for the questions! Is the fault code an over current warning and if so what is the usual cause? I believe there is a module between the fans. Does this control the fan speed or should I be looking for relays? Is there a relay controling the cooling electric circuit. If so where can I find it to see if that is the clicking I hear.

Any suggestions for DIY repairs or tests would be most welcome. I don't want to take it to Vauxhall to have them keep replacing components until the problem goes away or my wallet is empty.