ok i drive a 57 sri cdti 150

i had a dtuk bosx fitted for ages with no problems at all

took it out when i gave my sister a loan of the car (cant be too carefull lol)

now i refitted it on tuesday night and everything was ok car responded well with no problemns at all

now my mate bought a bottle of redex diesel cleaner which does 2 applications

now he put half in his and gave me the rest now there was a bit more than half a bottle i put in to my full tank

then drove upto glasgow and the car went into limp mode on the way home

pulled in removed the box and the car was fine

so refitted the box a bit later on and again when i was accelerating sharply the car went into limp mode again so i removed the box again

now im hoping that the car is going into limpmode because of the redex rather than the box?

any comments?