I'd like to point you in the direction of a few shows I've watched recently regarding the current state of the world and it's future.

the 1st one is titled Earth 2100 The Last Century of Civilisation,

this discusses climate change and it's effects other than floods and heatwaves, it's more on the topic of resources and how they will run out.

It's a ABC production and if you can't get it on the box, you can download it at EZTV as you can with the others I'm going to list, this isn't illegal to the best of my knowledge as all the shows they host are already shown on free to air tv across the world, you will need a client though to get them.

the 2nd one is titled

Discovery Channel, Egypts 10 greatest secrets,

you can watch it through and it's very interesting, but the last 15 is the best part as it shows how things fell apart, might be a pointer to whats happening now infact.

the 3rd one is Nostrodamus 2012,

this discusses his predictions and also other inteligent civilisations that have gone before, including the Mayan's.

Another I watched but can't remember the name of it is a BBC one about if man was wiped out how long the buildings would last for, this was top notch with CGI video of suspension bridges collapsing, tower blocks, and cars rusting to nothing.

Anyway, if you fancy a bit of it, go for a watch of them.