About 4 weeks ago whilst on a merry weekend in Newquay I managed to loose my watch. An Omega Moonphase Broadarrow to be precise, about £2800's worth.
I reported to the police the next morning and the hotel, I even called in every bar we went into and told the barpeople and managers if possible.
On the Monday morning I rang my house insurance company, they took some details and said their provider would be in touch. Sure enough 10 minutes later I get a phone call from Sun Alliance to go through everything.
Fantastic I thought, they are moving quickly.

I provided the necessary proof of ownership to the lady on the end of the phone via e mail and scans of the owners manual, guarantee card and watch serial number, and had a read receipt back to confirm she had opened them.

On Friday morning I sent her an e mail asking how the claim was progressing to get an e mail back from her stating the following;
"Good Morning
you sent me an email, when I was off
Looking at my records I am still awaiting evidence of ownership.
We agreed you would forward cover and front page of the manual I have not
yet received this. Did you post it?
Also can you confirm please that you have now informed the hotel of your

I replied questioning this and stated that I had read receipts to prove she received them the same day we spoke, but enclosed another set of copies for her useage.

I then get another e mail stating that there were no attachments FFS!! Now I'm no Bill Gates, but when I look in my sent items folder and there it is complete with attachments I begin to question what sort of numpty I'm dealing with here!

Sooooooo, I send it all again and ask her to recheck her e mails and ensure that her company is not blocking them.

Bu66er me, if I don't get an e mail back today saying that she has found the ORIGINAL e mail sent 4 weeks ago in her inbox and she will now START to progress the claim

What the hell do they do all day? If I hadn't chased this how much longer would it have taken I wonder. This is the first house insurance claim I have had to make in 14 years, I am not thrilled by the whole experience so far. Rant mode off.