Bought this 2 months ago and just been offered an Impreza RA that would suit me better due to many reasons!!!

So my Subaru Legacy is up for sale. It is black and needs work on it. But an EXCELLENT base to go from.

Black Subaru Legacy 92 Model.
2.0 Turbo (Same as Impreza)
4 Wheel Drive

It needs:
- Engine
- Gearbox (Has one but no 1st gear)

Only thing is no engine in there. Simply as I needed it for my other car!

I can give the potential buyer heads, short engine, pistons etc. to build one up if they need.

As such £600 o.v.n.o.

Bodywork is average. Needs new bonnet and drivers door doesn't close properly. Minor repair.

DIY really only. All good fun though!