You may have noticed that a number of regions have aquired a Regional Organiser or RO for short. What are they? What do they Do? How can i be one?

What are they?

RO's are enthusiastic members like yourself who want to get that little bit more involved with the club and help out with the day to day running of a regional Group. Just like the whole admin/Ro team they dont get paid, its all voluntary work.
Each RO has moderator powers to their relevent regional section to enable them to keep the forum up to date and make sure everyone in the region is aware of upcoming events. Its not just about having moderators 'powers' powers though, as you'll see below;

What do they Do?

RO's are the single point of contact for a regional group. Anyone who joins the region will be able to contact their regional organiser with any ideas or problems at regional level, (and it is suggested that new members send them a quick Pm to introduce yourself so they can update you on upcoming events).

Do you know of a local show that you think would be good to have a display at? Do you have an idea for a meeting place? Let your RO know.

On the build up to big shows, RO's will be responsible for arranging Convoys if people want them, They will also assist the admin team in setting up the display as the link to the their regions cars.
If an Admin is not present at a show, the responsibilty for the organisation falls to the host RO and region.
Its also welcomed that RO's write up reports following meets or events. (any additional reports from members also appreicated)

Froum wise, they have the ability to moderate the forum, create stickies and add events to the calender.

Basically, they are your group leader and your first point of contact. Obviously the admin team are always here to help should your RO not be able to.

How do i become one?

First of all you need a region with at least 5 active members. If there isnt one in your area, suggest one.

Once there are 5 members in the new region, and an interest shown in having a meet, applications from members will be taken for the RO position for that region. This is basically a simple email or Pm to the admin team (any member of) asking for the role and why you think you be the person for the job. if no applications are made and its obvious that the region is becoming active, the admin team may approach members who they feel are showing enthusiasim to get things up and running. You dont need to accept, its entirely your choice.

Please bear in mind that the RO positions are responsible positions and can get quite stressful, especially at shows when 3 regions may arrive at once and admin are directing you to arrange/park your regions cars in a specific area in a specifc way, but dont forget, the admin team are always here to help and have a lot of experience of most levels of car club life.