Spotted KM53 ??? on M5 nr Birmingham middayish.

KM53 was Black, with full black irmy grille, deck spoiler, darkened rear light lenses, large wheels and VERY CLEAN!! Not sure if the driver is on here or not ? He certainly acknowledged our presence, and it was a pleasure to share the road with such a smilar looking vehicle albeit for just a few minutes!

We were on our way back from a weekend in Devon, Facelift SRi Black, irmy grille, deck spoiler, 19" snowflakes, stainless door handle covers, T11 VEC....(day late due to my daughter's need for an unscheduled hospital visit in Exeter).

As i said KM53 was very clean indeed. Ours often is aswell but was cunningly disguised with M5 heavy rain shower residue, a dusting of red sand and all sealed in with some deposits kindly donated by a flock of seagulls.....(i.e. sea birds, not that group from the 80's with the dodgy hair dos!)

If the owner ever sees this.....your car is a credit to you, looked superb!