hi i got my 2004 cdti150 vec back from stealers new (egr valve fitted )10 days ago since then i have been paying particular attention to the rumbling noise coming from front passenger side the symptoms are

1 loud rumble front end
2 noise doesnt change with surface
3 vibration in steering wheel between 60 and 70
4 can feel engine vibration in pedals particulary the clutch
tyre wear is even no patches or edges worn
no evidence of bearing wear either no movement in wheel at allthough suspention does squeak going over speed bumps though car is still under warrenty so i am keen to get to bottom of this but have been told stealers will charge me labour just to find out and it could be expensive
i am thinking possibly release bearing or clutch related stealers will not touch it without my say so and will charge warranty only covers failure not wear any body have any ideas or pointers that i can check