Hey guys

Had a problem with my Air Con compressor - squealing like crazy - a friend put a shorter belt on it as i couldn't afford a new compressor - solved the squeal but obviously no AC.

Took a warranty out that covered the AC (forward thinking) and the time came to getting the AC looked at - took it to a family VX garage and they put normal belt back on - fired up AC and heard the noise - told warranty company and they sent independant assessor out to view - he heard the noise and went back to write his report - Warranty company write to me saying they wont support the claim as the AC hasn't failed yet (im seriously considering taking a hammer to it....)

In the mean time (with the shorter belt on it) there is a terrible rattling nooise coming from the belt/pulley area - Family VX garage said that the AC compressor is rusted at the end, but so is the Alternator clutch pulley

THey think the noise could be the alternator clutch - they say i could try replacing it using a pully kit (part number 93182514) but that obvously it might be the alternator itself

THe rattle can be heard when the car is ticking over and while being driven, it is especially bad if you were to set off just using the clutch with no accelerator, occasional squeal coming from it, but usually only after start up.

Before i go buying a the new Alternator clutch pulley kit, what do people think?

If i got a new alternator, does it come with a new clutch/pulley? A new Clutch pulley is £50 from the stealers, a new clutch from a parts company is only £87.50 -would it come with the pulley?

Plus - i want to appeal against the warranty companies decision about the AC - anyone have any experience of dealing with them - have any ideas i could use in a letter to them?

Thanks in advance