I know this is a long shot and a slightly unorthodox thing to do but I hope you consider this flattery that I'm asking this forum...

I'm a student at the university of hull graduating next month with a creative music technology honors degree. I've been around on various job sites and haven't found anything really so thought I'd give you guys a shot.

I've had the usual work experience in supermarkets and restaurants. I'm also the CEO of my recording/advertising company Shift Studios. From this I have gained experience in time and business management, audio design and customer service. I'm polite, well mannered and very active. I also have several sporting achievements including World and British cycling titles and British cycling awards.

I'm appealing to the forum in the hope that any of you may have a vacancy at your place of work. If so please contact me with details.

I'm not looking for employment specifically in music production, just anything to get me started. I just really want to be earning a steady salary so I can stand on my own two feet. I live near Sheffield but I'm willing to travel and move if necessary.

Thanks guys.