Hello to everyone.
I have just bought a Vetra Estate Life 54 plate and its come with what seem to be some common faults (after doing a bit of googling) and CD30 does come on now and then (all on it's own) but my question is this - Can the radio coming on set my alarm off? or are they unrelated.

I'm quite happy to put a big toggle switch on the 12v wire to turn the stereo on and off because I like all the stearing wheel controls and want to keep them, but the alarm going off is annoying the neighbours.

If not, I see that a commmon alarm fault is the rear side windows, I want to do a bit of trial and error by linking out parts of the alarm. I'm still waiting for Mr Haynes to deliver his book so I'm not sure which wires to connect together - are they the thin wires (grey on passenger side- brown on drivers side) going to a spade connector just underneath the window? ( accessable though the panel in the boot hiding the fuses )or do I have to dismantle a bit of trimming.

I can link out these two alarm bits and the big switch in the engine bay and turn off the interior sensors but are there any more I can get at easily?

It's no wonder the electrics aren't covered in the warrenty
still I do like the car

thanks for any info