HI everyone I have recently bought a 03 vectra sxi from the friendliest car sales garage in wednesbury (until it went wrong).
So if anyone can help me I would much appreciate it, It all started about a week after i bought the vectra and it started to loose water, I found the rad was leeking so had it replaced,still loosing water so Ichecked the thermostat no thermostat in housing so I bought a new onand fitted it and gave her a service,took her for a spin round town let her cool down topped up the water then drove 2 miles to town parked up and noticed water drippin under where the resovoir is, so i left it on tickover and the water level rose to the top of resovoir spurted out,then water level went down again to a level where the warning light flashed, this happens on every journey i take now.
During all this the temp gauge stays around half way.
hope this makes sense to anyone out there
cheers Ade