Got a set of 4 Omega Elite 24v Alloys with tyres on, from a 99 car, so are the 5 spoke, 5 stud fitment, bought off ebay yesterday as a stop gap, but won't clear the front brakes on my Vec C.

In pretty good condition, no kerbing marks on the rims, a couple of the spokes have a scratch on them.

Fitted with directional tyres 2 are 225/55 16 Firenza's with approx 6mm left

2 are 225/50 16 Accelera Alpha with approx 6mm left on,

so loads of life left in them. The guy said he put a lower profile on the front to improve turn in.

I'm not sure what the offset is, I can't see an ET number on them.May fit on a Vec B with 5 stud hubs, but would be a nice upgrade for anyone with an Omega.

I only want back what I paid for them, can deliver them in the Reading area, or Winchester, and am in the Northampton area next weekend so can chuck them in the boot if it makes it easier for someone.