Getting mightily ticked off now...

The saga continues with the new inlet manifold and intercooler solving the problem of lethargic performance for all of 5 days. Then the spaner light comes on and I lose all boost again, same as before. Only this time, a restart won't reset it and I get an emissions light on instead.

The error code points to the throttle actuator having a fault but the guys at WMSS couldn't see anything wrong with it the other day, other than perhaps a bit of oil contamination on the plug. They gave it a spray up and it lasted all of 3 miles before I got spannered again.

It's gone back in for them to have another go at it but I am getting to the point when being £1k lighter in the pocket and no better off, am I chucking good money after bad?

Is it likely that having had a new manifold and intercooler, that other parts in the engine are going to start to let go as they can't cope with the thing running as it should?

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