Good evening All,

After doing some homework on stealth boxes for the vectra c and the lack of them.

I have deicded i'm gonna attempt to make my own.

Before i do. I want to get hold of the correct wiring, and have my old sub and amp fitted.

I notice most kits only have 5m length.

To cover all bases, what is the most reliable wiring kit to get. and will 5 meters be enough to cover the entire boot. I know this fitted my astra fine. But i know the vectra is a slightly longer car.

What AWG cable am i best off getting. I preferably wanna cover highest possible spec sub and amp. Highly unlikely i'll go that far but i dont want to have to change the cable two months down the line.

My question about the 5m is the factthat it is going to have to come from battery in engine bay, down passanger side of the car then to the drivers side. Where i am hoping to place the stealth box.

This may end up being one each side.

I am hoping to get the wiring purchased and fitted tomorrow.