All cars have them, those places the dirt gets in & one day when you're washing away you fold back the mirror by mistake & holy **** , where's all that been hiding
Spent 3 hours today giving my SRI a wash n polish, even polished the alloys and came across various spots dirt hides or is hard to get with the mirror scenario being one of them. In recess where you grab boot to open it & rear number plate recess is a bit obvious but I found right in beneath the rub strips & side repeaters the old sponge struggles to get in & the wheel bolt covers meen you can't get in to clean out the dirt without removing them
Also annoyed with effort I've gone to & inside wheel arch liners are caked in dried out mud so that's a turn wheels to full lock either way to clean. Pain in **** to do with wet hands & need to start engine just to turn wheels either way.

And where does that water come from on rear quaters when you shut the rear doors after wiping down

Wondered if any of you lot know of other places to seek.