I've been driving round in limp mode for about a week and after a few near side collisions on roundabouts I decided to take the mani-cat off as that was where the whistling/screeching noise was coming from. Anyway, inside the cat.....well its gone.... it has total collapsed!! you can shake it like a 'maraca'!!

So, the last time i have engine problems I bought a 'de-cat' manifold that cost me £175. Last time it turned out to be the MAF sensor....£30.

So, now i have fitted the decat, sounds strange, like an older car but man....does it go!! I took it up my road that i like to refer as a dragstrip as all the chavs do it all night an its really annoying, but i had a go today!

I started off slowly brought it up to 3000rpm (this was my limit over the past week) up to 4000rpm....hmm ok. Slowed to 2000rpm and went flat took a second or so for the ECU to realise what is about to happen. WHOOSH ******* HELL!! fair enough its only a 1.8, but for me, i havent felt it this fast before so i'm pleased to say the least!!

I'll get some pics later on this evening or maybe tomorrow morning depending on when my mother fetches my camera back from holiday!

Well i recommend all you 1.8 owners to get on ebay an buy one of these decats!!! wooooo

thanks for looking!!