I need these gone asap, as I've had them in the shed now for about three months.

Alloy size - 18" / ET - 40
Tyre size - 215/35/18
Tyres - All four tyres have plenty of tread left and are all road legal.
Curbings - There's a few curb rashing's around the edges
Refurb - Was refurbed a while back at Romax in Stockton in black, which was £188
Extra's - Comes with free locking nuts
Price 1 - £200 collected
Price 2 - £250 delivered to anywhere in the UK via DHL & MartyPaul's

I had these on my Corsa-D and the woman who had these before had them on a Astra, or a Astra Van. Should fit on a Corsa-C fine, as there's a few people with 18's.

Photoshop of them on a Black Corsa-C:

Photoshopped on a white Corsa-D:

Photoshopped on a Astra Estate:

Lastly, some of the wheels on my old D: