Been needing to get some sought of sat nav for the SRI after having it as standard in the last car I really miss it now .
I been weighing up the options Either upgrading head unit but this seems complicated , Ideally I wanted the Tom Tom As Ive borrowed my Dads and its the business.
Problem is I don't use it every day its just for leisure time going out for the day, holidays etc ,then I spot the Garmin I3
Its £140 ish at halfords I thought it couldn't be any good but after trawling through reviews everyone seemed to like it so I went for it.
Well its a great little bit of kit does exactly what you want it too gets you from A to B with ease . An added bonus is you can add speed camera locations always handy.
Don't get me wrong it will never be as good as tom tom and other fancy machines but at the price for a leisure user I don't think you can beat it.