Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum only having bought by 05 plate Vectra cdti 150 last week.
I paid £4500 for it with 53000 miles on the clock from the trade.
I think I have dropped a major bo***ck with it because I didn't do my homework. I have read a few posts and checked for flywheel damage tonight by putting it in neutral and then holding the cluth on the bite. Sure enough there is a very noticable change in engine noise, its like a rattle, chattering noise. I wouldn't say it's very loud though.
Having owned a Seat Leon Cupra 150 TDI before, I must admit that the power aint that cracking either on my Veccy, and they are supposed to be evenly matched.
Can the DMF effect performance and is the Turbo on these things supposed to be so damm quiet

Any Suggestions