Release date confirmed for Halo 3 Mythic map pack..


Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Coming April 9

Gears of War 2 getting a map pack soon as well.

Halo 3 owners who decided to take a miss on Halo Wars will finally be getting access to some of the exclusive goodies next month. And while we're at it, there's some good news for Gears of War 2 fans as well.
Major Nelson has confirmed that the Mythic Map Pack will indeed be arriving on April 9, and will run you 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Meanwhile, Gears fans will be getting the Snowblind Map Pack on March 31, which includes three snowy maps plus a frozen version of Fuel Depot. Gears of War 2 will also be getting its third title update before too long, which will include a substantial overhaul of the ranking system in addition to achievements for the upcoming map pack. Sounds like April will be getting off to a good start.