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Thread: Following on from a previous thread....

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    Default Following on from a previous thread....

    I contacted my local MP, none other than Geoff Hoon - the former defence secretary.

    With the following message, last Wednesday.

    "Dear Geoff Hoon,

    The treatment of the returning soldiers (Anglian Regiment) was so
    appalling and outragous that I felt I had to ask you what your opinion
    was and also ask several questions.
    Firstly, why were no charges brought against any of the hateful
    protestors, when there was clear contravention of the public order act
    Secondly, what will the Government do to bring radical and extreme views
    of a small minority of the population into open debate and demonstrate
    that it will not be tolerated?
    Thirdly, there is clear division in the way that some minorities are
    viewed in the much wider context. When will colour, race, religion,
    sexual orientation etc be irrelavent to the way in which people are
    It appears that Muslims are immune from public order legislation, women
    are incapable of domestic violence against men, black people
    intrinsically cannot be racist, immigrants are more important than the
    indigenous population, motorists are all criminals and need draconian
    measures of control, population monitoring is out of control,
    underachieving of youngsters is rife, etc etc.

    Need I go on?

    Ultimately, the only thing that will come of all this, is
    marginalisation of large segments of the population. At the moment, it
    appears that white indigenous males are targets for almost everything,
    whilst others appear to be immune.
    If the Government marginalises 45% of the population, it wouldn't take a
    cabinet minister to understand the consequences.

    The Government has lost it's direction (if it ever had one) and
    continues on a path of destruction, not only for itself but, more
    importantly, for the country and it's people.
    At some point it will become too much for people to bare and the only
    course of action will not be pretty, I am sure of it.

    This Governments NEEDS to listen to the people it claims to represent.

    The old maxim 'elected by the people, for the people' seems to not be
    applicable any more.

    Stop 'spinning' and get 'doing', before it is too late !

    Yours sincerely,

    STE************* "

    I got a response today,

    It was

    Dear Ste***********

    Thank you for your email. I note your comments.


    Geoff Hoon MP
    01*** ******

    So a quick reply with

    Dear Mr Geoff Hoon MP,

    Thank you for taking considerable time to provide me with a full and complete response to my concerns and questions.

    Clearly not !

    Yours Faithfully,


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    I agree Ste, but what do you expect from these ppl, the reason you got a standard reply is they know what they should say and do about it but either aren't allowed to or just never reached pubity.

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    sounds like the guy is to scared to speak the truth, this country is going down the pan!!!

    these people need to get a back bone!!!

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