it dosnt matter what khan does or who the old timer he beats,,, Bredis Prescott will alway be there for him to have to get past.

Bredis Prescott was a nobody untill khan so who else is out there waiting for him

what are they doing building a great boxer or bulding a great boxing record thats beaten weaker boxers
you need to know the ages of the boxers he faced in the Olympics

Mario César Kindelán Mesa (born August 10, 1971)
Serik Yeleuov (born December 15, 1980)
Liban Ahmed Elmi (born July 5, 1993)
Dimitar Stilianov (born July 17, 1976)

then lost to
Mario César Kindelán Mesa (born August 10, 1971)...

work out there ages and see what you think "" bulding a record if there not carefull""