Hi guys, I have been having a few probs with the old Vectra lately. Wondered if you could help and advise? The last but one M.O.T said that the front bushes were getting bad. The last M.O.T. never mentioned it though, so I am guessing they have got their act together and healed themselves.
My main problem is that I have recently had 2 new tyres on the back 'Goodyear excellence', and since then, by chance I would say, I have noticed a droning/warped sound coming from the front of the car under heavy braking from about 90 down. My tracking was done at the same time and now the car is skitting about all over the road (especially in the wet). If I go over a few bumps at say 70 (or less) the car feels like it wants to go in different directions. Its blooming scary. It handles like an ice cube in the bath. It feels as if the tyres are over inflated and hard , thats the only way I can explain the feeling. All 4 tyres are the same make and new/newish.
I took it back to the garage who rechecked the tracking and all was fine, they said the bushes felt fine too so were baffled. Then one of the guys said what about the bearings. They wobbled the wheels and said they could feel play/knocking, possibly the rack was knackered but likely to be the wheel bearings.
I suppose if the bearings were it may cause the droning under braking too?
Would you say this was a fair assessment of the problem? I know its hard if you cant see the car yourself. I am just waiting for a price now from them. I am not sure if they would fit a supplied part or not.
So that would be both bearings on the front. Sounds expensive and along with my clutch judder the car is a nightmare (1800cc). Its at that age now (03, 70k), but I cant afford to get rid of the old girl.