Hi all

just a few quick ones
squeaky seat! have had it back in to the dealers once for new springs but it started again! this time had a quick search in here and saw a post saying adjust it to the max etc and it seams to have worked!! can you lube the seat in any way and if so how.

Also just had fitted 2 Falkens and i must say it feels totaly diff than on the original tyres.

A couple of weeks back probably about six i fitted a K&N and did the mod and didnt think it made much diff other than get rid of the cough around
3k.Over the last few weeks though the car feels to be reving better and a lot more free,My question is does the 2.2 get better as they get more mile's on ,its a 57 with 23k on it now.

The reason is i was a tad disapointed that it didnt go as well as i thought it would have but now its starting to provide lots more grin per mile

Cheers all

2.2 Sri Direct with K&N a few irmy bits and filter Mod and no squeaky seat